Gushaini – The hidden Himachal

Which destination in Himachal  a Delhite can zero upon for a peaceful, relaxing and thoughtful short break from work?

Options are many, but sadly we know that mercury in Shimla records same as Delhi, Manali is packed like hell and Kasol has already become the glorified drug capital with “me to” fake hippies. Thanks to the rapid embracing of travel lifestyle amid Indian youth and corporate employees.

Nevertheless, nature always welcome travelers (not tourists) and here I bring a gem for you in Himachal! Gushaini, like a hidden treasure in Tirthan Valley – Highlights below:

Distance from Delhi: 550 Km

Best Season: March to November

Key Activities:

  • Fishing in Tirthan River (The famous Himalyan Trout)
  • Reading that half read novel on the river bank, somewhere
  • Walk in the woods for stimulating thoughts & imagination
  • Catching up with happily happy locals
  • Doing Nothing, believe me its an art!

It might seem like a vanilla offering Gushaini has to offer as compared with other key destinations in Himalyas. But think my friend, why you took this break/short vacation – to see crowds or to meet with your own self that is getting feeble amid city lives.

“The answer is within you”

Always happy locals at Gushaini

For any guidance, feel free to touch base with me through email and I would be happy to help.

Safe travels!


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