5 kickass secrets of solo traveling that nobody reveals

I’ve been traveling solo since last 4 years, not by choice folks but by virtue! The Reason: I absorb the nature at its best with myself amid snow clad mountains, singing rivers, nostalgic roads and of course my Bike (SuperTramper).

So here I have the 5 secrets that solo travels might bestow on you….


You can CRY, yes you can!

I don’t want to stir Hornet’s nest by rowing this topic towards gender, but believe it or not even guys cry…everybody cries. No elixir to those irreparable damages in life, but a passionate moment when you can cry for no sad reason, but to free yourself. So, don’t hesitate to pick up your Rucksack, head to mountains and cry amid lap of nature. To no one, no one! Its magical, purgative and highly constructive and all artists do it. Curious? Do it, know it…

Courtesy: www.youtube.com
Courtesy: http://www.youtube.com

Miss the love of your life

If you are not from those unfortunates who keep doing googly-woogly woosh in artificially lit cities, you gonna love this. Breakups, X’s and Rejections (oops!) are worth cherishing (or at least a remembrance) on a solo travel. Club each memory with a song, fix your eyes on the passing panorama and just keep flowing.

Courtesy: picpulp.com
Courtesy: picpulp.com

Sing! Sing without fear

Are you a bathroom singer and a super flop musician like me? Scared to give your vocal chords a shot in masses? Bingo, stage is all yours now….Ahh! cacophony is a small word.

Courtesy: Lifelovequotesandsayings.com
Courtesy: Lifelovequotesandsayings.com

Calibrate yourself

The best part of solo travels is that you tend to invest a lot in yourself. Thinking is the key, believing is solution. So lose all fears, set goals and kick em all. Plan your next moves, design strategies and feel beautiful.

Courtesy: blog.w-o-w.com
Courtesy: blog.w-o-w.com

Solo travels harden you, secret is you melt away

Needless to say, you become super nimble, alert, acrobatic (sometimes when you gotta catch that flight/train) and an expert body language reader through solo travel experiences. Shhh….here’s the earthshaking secret….you start understanding people and their problems. Eureka! You nailed it…ultimately its all CARE and LOVE that matters. For rest, think travel.

Spot the heart - Clicked enroute Pangong Tso
Spot the heart – Clicked enroute Pangong Tso

I will hit the road to Leh from Delhi in mid July, of course SOLO, to fill my bag of memories and cry with the mountains, sing to the rivers and getting hardened to reality. See me at Changspa if you are around, we’ll savor small talks….

Ajay Kapoor
Ajay Kapoor

4 thoughts on “5 kickass secrets of solo traveling that nobody reveals

  1. I can’t even begin to say HOW much I agree with this! O the number of times I have cried and faded and melted and been reborn and sang (and come face to face with someone who was just hidden and I thought I was alone, oops!). It really is the best thing!! LOVE this!

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