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5 kickass secrets of solo traveling that nobody reveals

I’ve been traveling solo since last 4 years, not by choice folks but by virtue! The Reason: I absorb the nature at its best with myself amid snow clad mountains, singing rivers, nostalgic roads and of course my Bike (SuperTramper).

So here I have the 5 secrets that solo travels might bestow on you….


You can CRY, yes you can!

I don’t want to stir Hornet’s nest by rowing this topic towards gender, but believe it or not even guys cry…everybody cries. No elixir to those irreparable damages in life, but a passionate moment when you can cry for no sad reason, but to free yourself. So, don’t hesitate to pick up your Rucksack, head to mountains and cry amid lap of nature. To no one, no one! Its magical, purgative and highly constructive and all artists do it. Curious? Do it, know it…

Miss the love of your life

If you are not from those unfortunates who keep doing googly-woogly woosh in artificially lit cities, you gonna love this. Breakups, X’s and Rejections (oops!) are worth cherishing (or at least a remembrance) on a solo travel. Club each memory with a song, fix your eyes on the passing panorama and just keep flowing.

Courtesy: picpulp.com

Courtesy: picpulp.com

Sing! Sing without fear

Are you a bathroom singer and a super flop musician like me? Scared to give your vocal chords a shot in masses? Bingo, stage is all yours now….Ahh! cacophony is a small word.

Courtesy: Lifelovequotesandsayings.com

Courtesy: Lifelovequotesandsayings.com

Calibrate yourself

The best part of solo travels is that you tend to invest a lot in yourself. Thinking is the key, believing is solution. So lose all fears, set goals and kick em all. Plan your next moves, design strategies and feel beautiful.

Courtesy: blog.w-o-w.com

Courtesy: blog.w-o-w.com

Solo travels harden you, secret is you melt away

Needless to say, you become super nimble, alert, acrobatic (sometimes when you gotta catch that flight/train) and an expert body language reader through solo travel experiences. Shhh….here’s the earthshaking secret….you start understanding people and their problems. Eureka! You nailed it…ultimately its all CARE and LOVE that matters. For rest, think travel.

Spot the heart - Clicked enroute Pangong Tso

Spot the heart – Clicked enroute Pangong Tso

I will hit the road to Leh from Delhi in mid July, of course SOLO, to fill my bag of memories and cry with the mountains, sing to the rivers and getting hardened to reality. See me at Changspa if you are around, we’ll savor small talks….

Ajay Kapoor

Ajay Kapoor

giving back || PACKING


Let’s leave positive footprints….

Originally posted on roam & home:

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Travel is our religion. We love it, it’s a precious and luxurious gift. Every journey enriches the soul, filling us with collections of beautiful stories, providing us with sense fulfilling inspiration, and enables us to become aware and appreciative of what makes us all unique and wonderfully diverse. That is why when we travel to places that have people who need help we like to give back. We try to provide others with a little something to aid in leaving a small positive footprint wherever we go, a gift of thanks in return for the gifts we are given in visiting a country. We were delighted to discover on our recent trip to Jamaica the organization Pack for a Purpose. Their mission is simple “…to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit”. And the action is even…

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Bullet Brotherhood: How KayTee Automobiles proved this

I just came back from a trip and planned to service ‘SuperTramper’ (my bike). This time, I was at Gurgaon so decided to try the service from well heard Royal Enfield dealer – Kaytee Automobiles. And…….the story begins….


Interior View: kayTee Automobiles

Meanwhile the service was in progress, I was lured by Continental GT and planned to took a test ride. Swiftly, in next 5 minutes I got the hold of that powerful throttle, of course with the RE guy as pillion.

I was enjoying the ride, and about to reveal the power of this new babe in town, when suddenly this stupendously stupid scooter crashed into my bike from behind.  Just to mention, the scooter was fully loaded with luggage. BANG! And we were surfing the concrete, all bruised, high on adrenaline and discomforted by sudden nausea.

All were badly hurt, including the scooter guys but me (thanks to my leather jacket – a savior).

So, the police came into picture and this is where the brotherhood proved its mettle. As usual, I was convicted, even though being hit by someone from back side. Only reason: Stinky police guys observed well that I was not hurt in this accident and can pay em some bribe but not those scooter guys, i don’t know why.

So, crazy time began with police calling us every now and then to Police Station and discussing the marvelous ways to bribe them. I was shocked to see how Police Stations are functioning as marketplace where settlements and deals are happening right under the nose of S.H.O (Station house officer). All that jazz….

At a certain point in time, after having 10 or more rounds of Police Station, I gave up and started asking for help. After all I was being incriminated, for no reason at all. And wad pressurized to give money to other party.

And then, YAWHEE! Amit Kaushik, the owner of KayTee Automobiles came to know about all this and jumped into the scene. Despite having no connections with this accident, and leaving his business hours, he came to lend me some support. Eventually, Amit was the one handling this case on my behalf. Guess what? No, the police guys took money for sure, but it was not me who paid for this. And you are right, It was KayTee automobiles that helped me, believed in me as a valued customer ans settled this unreasonable case.

Amit kaushik, Owner - KayTee Automobiles

Amit kaushik, Owner – KayTee Automobiles

Its been over a month now, but the ‘Client-Delight’ feel is yet alive in me. Thanks Amit and KayTee Automobiles!!

What I learnt from this incident…

Camaraderie. Trust. Stewardship and Love.

Did you came across any such insanely stupid accidents in your life? Share here…hope we’ll have lot of fun in this discussion.


Image Courtesy: www.searchquotes.com

Are you single? Congratulations!!

You have someone in your life with whom you feel complete, warm and special. Go fuck! Close this blog.

Still here…Cool! Welcome my ‘single’ friend; fasten your emotion belts, petrify your memories, wear your favorite from your wardrobe and embrace yourself. All set? I am the captain of this flight and I will hover around your specialty of being single (not mingled).

The cool part:

You own a bike or car or a bicycle? Whoa! go explore, hike in wilderness, satiate your wanderlust and introspect. No barriers. Oops I forgot your office boss. :p

Riding through Barlacha La


Broke? Wanna have a coffee? Cool! grab the best cuppa, after all all you are paying for your own good time.

My favorite Toffe Nut Latte

Got a read? Addictive read. Bonkers, finish it my friend. Shh….all’s quiet and serene for you.

The Dharma Bums


Friends friends friends!! Drinking friends, doping friends, stupid friends, crazy friends, old time buddies or fast friends, you got em all! woohooo…

Image Courtesy: www.vgu.tv

Image Courtesy: http://www.vgu.tv


Eat it! eat it all, nobody’s there to fiddle with a super loving relationship between your food and you. Gulp it all!



Ohh! Something’s sad

You reminisce those days….emotional moments, hand in hand moments, cuddling times or maybe sex. Its okay, you are not single forever. Be on your toes in search of your soulmate. I wish you will find one asap! Till then, enjoy roller coaster, close your eyes and feel the breeze. Cry with your max strength, count the stars, take long lonely walks and get a good read.

Image Courtesy: friendsofthepeople.org

Image Courtesy: friendsofthepeople.org

Still confused? Sad or melancholic?

Don’t stress. Sometimes we have to leave things on time, efforts are total waste. Share your feelings here, I will try my best to help ya out. If not, we can always catch up for drinks or book reading :)