Bored, Broke and Biker? Here’s your guide to One-day super cheap trip to Taj

To start with, this post makes sense only for Delhiites OR If you are in Delhi and planning to visit Taj Mahal. For everyone else, to know highly cost effective and meaningful tips to travel to Taj Mahal, keep an eye on “Cheap Trip TIP” throughout.

The Trip: Delhi to Taj Mahal through Yamuna Expresssway

Distance: ~250 Km one way.

Best time to start: 5:30 am in the morning (Summers – March to October)

Mode of Travel: Motor Bike. A) Fuel cost for the trip = INR 1,000

Yamuna Expressway
A quick break on Yamuna Expressway

Cheap Trip Tip: Biking is what made my trip easy on the pocket and the fun you get by burning rubber on Yamuna Expressway tarmac is beyond words. 

The Taj Mahal: Max 2 hours to immerse into the epitome of love.

Taj Mahal
Brace yourself and Immerse in this fleeting moment of “Wah Taj”

Ticket cost (Indians)B) INR 20 per head

AudioCompass: C) INR 72


I’m an avid App fanatic and this time I used AudioCompass to make my experience more realistic. You can ask for Audiocompass device in both Hindi (INR 72) and English (INR 150) languages. I took one in Hindi and man! The commentary took me to other world, It was altogether a different experience walking through Taj Mahal and getting info about every key detail with a comforting and entertaining commentary. Its highly, highly recommended for everyone.

Important: Carry your Identity card such as Driving License, Aadhar card, Voter ID etc. This will be taken by AudioCompass guys when they hand over the devices to you. Non-Indians, shell out those extra bucks.

Meals: D) INR 500

Breakfast – I grabbed a subway on the way at Yamuna Expressway. Keep an eye on signboards.

Lunch: After a long ride and immersive experience you will be haunted by hunger pangs. Head to “Sadar Bazaar” (5 km from Taj Mahal). My pick was Jahanpanah Restaurant, a modest place serving lip smacking Mughlai cuisine.

Chai: What’s a bike trip without some Chai (tea) and sutta (Cigarette) – for those who smoke. Note: I don’t promote smoking. Smoking is injurious to health.

Cheap Trip Tip: Eat standard Subway meals, restaurants on Yamuna Expressway are bit expensive and forget about quality. Savour Mughlai at local restaurants to enjoy food like a “local”

Misc. : E) INR 100

This will include water and juice which you may need while walking through the Taj campus.

***      Total cost for the trip is A + B + C + D + E = ~1,700    ***

Super TIP: Get a pillion and the cost for one day trip to this wonder will be under INR 1,000 per head

Now mark that weekend in you calendar and get Taj Mahal off your list. Its worth going, I guarantee. Feel free to touch base with me for any questions you may have, I’d be happy to help. Reach out to me on twitter @kapoor777ajay


P.S. Please use dustbins available at various points in Taj campus, I was disturbed by seeing pile of plastic bottles even in vicinity of Taj Mahal. Please!


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