Are you single? Congratulations!!

Knock knock! Valentine’s week….


You have someone in your life with whom you feel complete, warm and special. Go fuck! Close this blog.

Still here…Cool! Welcome my ‘single’ friend; fasten your emotion belts, petrify your memories, wear your favorite from your wardrobe and embrace yourself. All set? I am the captain of this flight and I will hover around your specialty of being single (not mingled).

The cool part:

You own a bike or car or a bicycle? Whoa! go explore, hike in wilderness, satiate your wanderlust and introspect. No barriers. Oops I forgot your office boss. :p

Riding through Barlacha La

Broke? Wanna have a coffee? Cool! grab the best cuppa, after all all you are paying for your own good time.

My favorite Toffe Nut Latte

Got a read? Addictive read. Bonkers, finish it my friend. Shh….all’s quiet and serene for you.

The Dharma Bums

Friends friends friends!! Drinking friends, doping friends, stupid friends, crazy friends, old time buddies or fast friends, you got…

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